Water Leak Detection in Phoenix, AZ



Your water meter can help you guide against water leaks. Certain indicators can help you know whether you have a water leak. Ensure all your water consuming appliances are turned off and closed tightly. Advise residents not to use water for more than half an hour. When all your water appliances have been turned off, look for your meter reading and monitor it periodically. Note the initial reading position and note the time. Monitor in periods of 15 to 30 minutes. If the initial reading position changes, that is an indicator that you have a water leak somewhere. Thus, your meter reading can be used as Water Leak Detection in Phoenix, AZ.


A leak can emerge from underground piping in the building. This is usually undetectable and requires an expert to discover. Another kind of undetected water leak is a toilet leak, which could cost hundreds of dollars in cost of water bill. Added to the not detectable leaks, some known leaks are ignored by some home owners, thinking that it wouldn’t add significantly to the cost of water. They are wrong; this leak would add up to thousands of gallons every year.


Periodically check the areas and components of a building plumbing system for Water Leak Detection in Phoenix, AZ. You can employ active leak detection system that sounds the alarm when it detects moisture. Individual appliance system monitors leaks from a unit appliance and automatically turns off water flow. To guide against leaks in the whole building, you can employ whole building systems that monitor against leaks in the whole building area. It is made up of several moisture sensors that send signal to the control valve on sensing moisture. Determine which type of sensor suits your building since every building is unique and its situation different.