Water Leak Detection in Paradise Valley, AZ



Water leaks in your home can be very destructive if not dealt with immediately. Undetected water leaks can leak inside cupboards under the sink or even inside walls, cause the wood to swell and become musty smelling. Water leak detection can be challenging. Bad leaks will allow water to seep into the ceiling of the room below the leak and suddenly you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. It goes without saying, if you have a leak, get it fixed immediately or shut the water off. Call our professional plumbing and home repair service for water leak detection and to have the leak fixed. It might be just a new washer on a water tap or perhaps you need a new faucet. Sometimes a pipe will crack at a weak point and spray water all over the place.


If the leak is inside a wall, we can pinpoint the leak before opening the wall to complete the repair. Both copper pipes as well as the newer plastic pipes can spring leaks at any time. If you hear a hammer sound every time you turn the water off at a tap, there is air inside the pipes. This sound is made when the water suddenly stops moving through the pipes and causes them to shake and vibrate. Over time, this vibration can cause the pipe to fracture or leak at a junction point.


Whether your pipes are leaking now or are about to leak because of air in the pipes, give us a call to help you deal with the problem. We will remove the hammer sound and we will fix any leaks you may have. Unfortunately, if there is damage to the area around the leak, this will need to be repaired by the home owner or a carpenter. Call now. We can help with Water Leak Detection in Paradise Valley, AZ and repair your leaking pipes.