Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ Ensure Work Done Properly

Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ Ensure Work Done Properly


Professional plumbers ensure electric water heaters need to work properly. Plumbers do both water heater repair and Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ. Most electric water heaters last about 10-15 years, so water heaters approaching old may need to be replaced. However, often if one of the elements is the problem, water heater repair may be an option. Consult a professional plumber.


A plumber will make sure the power is off before performing any tests of the water heater equipment. They must switch off the circuit breaker in the main electrical panel. They then go back to the water heater and check for power with a non-contact voltage detector. Next, they must test the wires going into the water heater. They test both hot wires to ensure the water heater has no power. If it does not, it is safe to test the heater's elements. The plumber will test the elements to see if one is burned out. They perform a continuity test, typically using a volt-ohm meter. Because electricity will not flow through a burned out piece of Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ equipment, they test for electricity. If the tester does not light up, there is no electricity, and the element needs to be replaced.


Sometimes, both elements will be fine, but there will still be a lack of hot water. Plumbers will push the red button on the "high temperature cutoff." Typically, the button is right above the upper thermostat. The problem may be solved but if not, the plumber will re-check the elements. Another test plumbers perform is to see if an element has a short. If so, electricity will flow through the water heater's metal tank. They will perform tests on both terminals on both elements. Whatever the problem, a professional plumber can determine if they should do a Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ