Water Heater Replacement in Chandler, AZ

The worst time to replace your water heater is when you must. We all know that feeling of frustration and even despair when the water in your home just seems to be getting more and more tepid. Trying to turn up the temperature on the heater itself doesn't help much, and you hear ominous rumblings inside the tank. Finally, your showers become cold no matter what you do. Or, in a potentially more devastating turnaround, you walk into your utility room or basement and find yourself ankle deep in water because the heater finally rusted through the bottom or burst at a seam.


It is so much better to inspect your water heater periodically, maintain it appropriately, and plan ahead of time for its replacement. If the first two are beyond your ability, consider hiring a professional water heater specialist at the first sign that your heater is not operating correctly. We are experts and are able to assess whether your water heater just needs a tune-up or that it would be more sensible to invest in a newer model. The average life of a water heater is between 8 to 12 years so we may advise you to consider a water heater replacement if you are nearing that milestone.


You can research appropriate water heater replacements in Chandler, AZ yourself and may want to also assess whether your hot water needs have changed since the last time you had a hot water tank installed. Today's models are much more energy efficient and will end up saving many people money over the long term. If you are now an empty nester, or have added a child or two to your family you may want to look for either a smaller or larger model. Sometimes a tankless water heater also makes sense, saving you even more as you are not keeping a large amount of water hot awaiting your next use.