Water Heater Replacement by the best in Queen Creek, AZ

There actually is a benefit to water heater replacement in Queen Creek, AZ. That old water heater in your basement is probably not very efficient. If it is more than 20 years old, there is a good chance that your old water heater is not working to its full capacity. New water heaters have a much higher efficiency rating than their old counterparts. Older water heaters also gradually degrade in term of water heater efficiency.

Sediment accumulates inside the water heater, affecting the heating elements and gradually decreasing the efficiency of heat transfer from the elements to the water. Calcium can also build up in high calcium water environments. Many consumers will install a water softener in these situations. Although installing a new water heater will probably cost more than you planned or budgeted for, it will run more efficiently and use less fuel to heat the water.

If you water heater is older, not producing enough hot water for the family or delivering brown colored water, then it probably should be replaced. Brown colored water in your bathtub is a sure sign that it is on its last legs. When you observe brown water in the tub or sink, call us at 4 Fathers Home Services. We can assess the condition of your water tank and prepare recommendations for you to consider.

We can also replace your water heater in Queen Creek, AZ. We will remove the old unit, install the new water heater and ensure that the full installation meets all current building code requirements. We can also dispose of the old unit for you as well. If you suspect that your water heater is nearing the end of its useful life, call us to make an appointment. We can prepare an estimate for replacing your old unit, installing a new water heater to code and disposing of the old unit.

Call today to make an appointment before there is only cold water coming out of the hot water tap!