Top Water Leak Detection in Queen Creek, AZ


Maybe this time your water bill came a little bit higher than usual or it has been rising for the past couple of months then you may have a leak. It is time to call the professional plumbers. Fixing a small water leak can help you save a lot of money. Signs that your pipes are leaking can also be manifested as molds growing under a carpet, discolored spots on the walls, increased indoor moisture, or the appearance of mold on walls, mildew, air bubbles in the water flow or even having to refill your pool more frequently than required.


The main causes of water leaks include: old corroded plumbing lines, root intrusion into pipes, poor installation of pipes or even blockages inside the pipes themselves. The leading water leaks cause are clogs inside the pipes connected to the lavatory, washing sink and shower. Once you suspect of water leakage, our professional plumbers do Water Leak Detection in Queen Creek, AZ of the most likely cause of the water leak and explain to you before doing any repairs.


Water Leak Detection in Queen Creek, AZ employs different techniques where the plumbing professionals use things such as, thermal scanners which provide ground imaging where the colder parts could indicate water leaks. Using of an infrared video camera which can be fitted into the suspected pipes to inspect for damages as it takes images from various angles providing the full overview. Using a pressure meter detection which looks for varying pressure along the pipes. Digging of the pipe network in suspected areas to inspect. This may include drilling into walls where suspected leakage is happening. Water leak repairs include pipe relining or removing clogs which will prevent bursting of the pipes beforehand saving you so much trouble.