Signs That Your Clogged Drain in Phoenix, AZ Needs To Be Fixed

Signs That Your Clogged Drain in Phoenix, AZ Needs To Be Fixed


It goes almost without saying that most homeowners dread sewer line repair. It is expensive and to some extent, annoying. The reason is simple. Homeowners are fully responsible for the portion of sewer lines that run from their homes to the street. This is where tree roots grow through pipes and build up gunk Clogged Drain in Phoenix, AZ Worse still, it is the area where clay pipes and older steel disintegrate altogether. To save yourself from the money and heartache that comes along with faulty sewer lines, be on the lookout for any of the following signs, then consult a plumber.


Sinks, tubs and showers that take forever to drain can be infuriating. It can be tempting to respond to a clogged drain by using drain cleaning products. But like your plumber will tell you, this is unwise and costly especially when dealing with clay and steel pipes. Old pipes can be eaten away by harsh drain cleaners. What’s more, a pipe that takes forever to drain is usually a major indication of serious plumbing glitch. Strange, strong odors and unusual sounds are other signs of faulty sewer lines. Be on the lookout for gurgling sounds in your toilet then consult your plumber. Consult your plumber too if a sewage sinkhole becomes exposed.


 You may not know it but Clogged Drain in Phoenix, AZ causes extra moisture to leak though a home’s foundation. That is why you must consult your plumber as soon as you notice moisture on your basement walls or cracking around your home’s foundation. This is perhaps the most infuriating and frustrating sewer line problem most homeowners experience. In the morning, the aster level on the bowl may be extremely low. Then in the evening, the bowl may be full. Such shifting water levels should never be taken for granted. Consult your plumber at your earliest convenience.