Reliable Garbage Disposal Service in Phoenix, AZ



A garbage disposal unit can be found under the kitchen sink. It shreds up any garbage disposal, which can include dumped food or kitchen waste. A garbage disposal unit has sharp blades that rotate inside at high speed to shred waste. Therefore, avoid putting your hands inside in case of a jam. This requires an expert for garbage disposal repair. Over time, oils, grease and fat accumulate inside a garbage disposal unit. This typically occurs in the drain and the main unit itself. The residues produce a bad odor. Persistent bad smell is an indication of a heavy buildup of the residue, thus the need to call your local plumber to solve the problem.


Leaks can come from the drain pipe, requiring a replacement of the rubber gasket to solve the problem. For newly installed units, the ring near the sink flange needs to be checked. A leak emanating from the unit itself is an indicator that a new replacement is needed. When the parts of a garbage disposal unit become loose, they produce consistent noise. The unit also lugs and the blades become worn down due to overuse. You can rely on our Garbage Disposal Service in Phoenix, AZ.


Bad practices will shorten the lifespan of a garbage disposal unit. The motor is vulnerable to overheating, which arise from crashing items that the unit is not destined to handle. Seeking professional garbage repair help is the safety way to handle issues arising from a garbage unit defect. Our Garbage Disposal Service in Phoenix, AZ has most of the commonly used makes and models in case immediate replacement is needed. The staff is equipped and skilled to quickly investigate any issue, repair or replace any kind of unit.