Quality Tankless Water Heater that you can count on in San Tan Valley, AZ

Tankless water heaters in San Tan Valley, AZ provide instant hot water when you need it. There is no tank and they do not waste energy by keeping water hot in a tank until it is needed. Even the best insulated water tank will lose heat over time and must be reheated from time to time using more energy in the process.

A tankless water heater only heats the water when it detects water flow in its system. They are far more efficient and they can be located almost anywhere in the home as long as you have a power source and access to the hot water plumbing pipes.

In fact, consumers with larger homes may have several tankless water heaters in their homes to ensure that there is hot water available in all areas of the home. Typically, in large homes the kitchen is separated from the bathrooms and the laundry area. A single tankless water heater can handle the hot water requirements of most homes easily. In large homes with multiple furnaces, there are also multiple tankless water heaters to meet the requirements of larger families and homes.

If you have a traditional water heater in your home that is showing signs of imminent failure, call 4 Fathers Home Services today to review the condition of your existing unit. At the same time, we can review your options with you and prepare estimates to install a tankless water heater system. Compare equipment costs, installation costs and ongoing heating costs before making a final decision.

Your existing water heater will be removed and disposed of. The new system will be installed according to the latest building codes in your area and deliver instant hot water to meet all your family’s hot water needs. Call us today to set up an appointment to check your current water heaters condition and / or provide an estimate to replace it with a tankless water heater in San Tan Valley, AZ.