Quality Garbage Disposal Repair you can afford in San Tan Valley, AZ

When you hear that crunch of metal on metal in the garbage disposal in San Tan Valley, AZ you just know that this sound means trouble. Somehow a utensil or other item found its way in the garbage disposal without your knowledge. Now you are afraid to turn it on for fear of doing more damage to the unit.

Call 4 Fathers Home Services to check out your system and extract the offending metal object. We can remove whatever has found its way into the garbage disposal system and then inspect if for any damage that may have been caused as a result. In most cases the utensil can be extracted and your garbage disposal system can continue working just as before.

Occasionally these units will just stop working. There is no sound when you throw the switch and the unit is obviously not running. Before you call us, check the fuse panel in your home to make sure that the breaker has not tripped. While we would like to make a garbage disposal repair house call, most consumers are pretty frustrated when they found it was just the breaker that needed to be reset.

Once the breaker has been reset, the garbage disposal system should run normally. If not, you may need to call us. Sometimes the breaker will trip immediately again. In some cases, there could be something inside the garbage disposal system which is causing it to draw more current than the breaker will allow. In these situations, call us to have it inspected and avoid further damage to the system.

Our technicians can examine the unit and determine the cause of the problem. Garbage disposal repair in San Tan Valley, AZ can also involve repairing leaking pipes that if not repaired can cause mold to appear and floors or cabinets ruined. Call us today to arrange for one of our expert technicians to come to your home to repair your garbage disposal system.