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Your bathroom should be one of the most comforting places at home. It is more or less like your master bedroom. You can go there to shower or soak yourself in the bathtub to think or brainstorm on business and work ideas. But this cannot happen if your bathroom is not flawless. How else will you enjoy your shower if the shower head is faulty? Or how will you maintain a mold free bathroom when water keeps leaking into your walls? These are just but some of the common problems homeowners wake up to everyday. They often crop up as a result of the following bathroom plumbing mistakes which needless to say, can be avoided with ease.


The mistakes here range from poor gluing to poor color choices. Note that these mistakes can lead to serious waterproofing problems. Simply make sure you go for warm tile colors. Avoid dark ones. The last thing you want to end up with is a cold, lifeless bathroom. Keep off navy blue and dark brown tiles unless you want a dingy bathroom. Water marks show up on such colors clearly. Earthy colors like beige or terracotta are ideal. They will welcome you into the bathroom with their warm effect even in winter.


Colors aside, be sure to go for tiles that are 100% waterproof. Do your shopping well. Then while at it, note that just because the tile you want to go for is polished does not mean it is waterproof. Porcelain and marble are both polished but are not waterproof. Note too that polished floor tiles only look good for a few months. They easily succumb to wear and tear factors. Maintaining them is hard especially if you have to use the bathroom with your guests and loved ones. Remember to also ensure that the quality of any other product you have to use in the bathroom is perfect. Simply go for pipes, showerheads and knobs from reputable brands. Call our Professional Plumbers in Mesa, AZ for quality professionals.