Plumbing in Mesa, AZ

Plumbing in Mesa, AZ


A trickle of water when you are all prepared for a high pressure jet is more than enough to drive you crazy and ruin your day. Sadly, the problem extends to other areas of your home. You can’t do your laundry well, water your garden or so your dishes. Why so? Low water pressure. So just what causes low water pressure and how do you fix the problem? Here is what you need to know. A Plumbing in Mesa, AZ can answer any questions you may have.


You are likely to experience low pressure if any of these valves are set in any other position apart from ‘ON’. Home valves are synonymous with residential plumbing as they are often located in front of residences where water lines divert to different homes. Customer valves on the other hand are located in the meter box. The home valve is a big wagon wheel shaped valve, so it should not be hard for you to identify it. To be certain nothing is stuck in either of these two valves, turn them on to partially shut them off. Then turn the valves again counterclockwise as far as they can go. This will open the valves and get rid of deposits that hinder high water pressure. A Plumbing in Mesa, AZ expert will help you any way need.


It is a bell shaped device with a small screw at the end. It is usually located under the house in the crawlspace or below the frontal connections. Adjusting the screw slightly can solve most water pressure problems. You only need to make sure the screw is always tight and preset at 40 to 60 psi. Even the slightest damage to your pipeline can cause severe water leakage which will eventually reduce water pressure. Unfortunately, it is hard to fix the problem on your own. You may have to summon Plumbing in Mesa, AZ to trace the problem and fix it.