Maintenance on a Tankless Water Heater in Chandler, AZ


Over time, maybe you've noticed that the hot water greeting you each morning in the shower isn't quite as steamy as it used to be. You may turn on the hot water and get a cold blast instead, and when you check out the heater, you see that either the circuit breaker has switched off or the unit itself has decided to turn itself off. These are just some signs that it's time to have a technician out to have a look at your Tankless Water Heater in Chandler, AZ.


One problem here could be excessive water pressure that goes above the tolerances of your unit. You might consider showering with less water pressure -- by turning down the pressure at the handle when you get in. If the problem persists, it's time to call a plumber. Modern units don't usually have this problem, but it happens now and then. It's probably a loose fitting or valve instead of the whole machine, but this is a problem that can escalate quickly, so get a plumber how to have a look. You get perfectly hot water one day and lukewarm water the next. You could have a defective or damaged heater -- but you could also have some electrical issues that erupt when your system gets overloaded by amps. This is especially likely if the problems happen soon after installation. So depending on how long ago you purchased the unit, you might want to talk to an electrician before contacting a plumber.


Check the heater's standby light. If it's on, follow the instructions in your manual to turn it off. If it's not, you have an electrical issue regarding the amp capacity. Both of these appliances need hot water, but as your tank ages or develops issues, it may not be able to deliver hot water with the same pressure. Try shutting the hot and cold valves to the heater and then adjusting them until you get the temperature you like. If this still doesn't work, then it's time to call our Tankless Water Heater in Chandler, AZ service.