Install a Tankless Water Heater in Phoenix AZ


Many people have shifted to installing tankless water heaters in their homes for hot water provision. There are many types of tankless water heaters ranging from electrical to gas. Studies carried out revealed that those who have them installed, save about 70% of electricity bill. When do you need to install a new Tankless Water Heater in Phoenix AZ? If you notice that your old tankless heater is frequently getting faulty, then it’s high time to opt for a new one. Tankless water heater installation. Though one can do the installation alone, it is highly advised to hire a professional plumber to assist in the installation, as sometimes it might turn out to be disastrous, or it may be of a certain complex technology that is not common.


First of all, you should uninstall the old water heater in your home. This is done by closing the water and gas valves then switching off the power if it is an electric one. Afterwards, any water inside the heater is drained. Get a new gas line and install it by first fixing a valve and a tee in the main gas pipe. Attach a flexible gas pipe that will supply it from the main line to where the water heater will be. New water lines (for both hot and cold) need to be installed. They need to be of copper and should reach out to the place where the heater will be installed. If they need to hang on the wall, use bell hangers to assure a tight and secure holding.


Before soldering the copper pipes, clean them well together with their connectors. Now, you can support the water heater with a platform made of lumber, so as to keep the water heater from being in contact with the wall. Install the water heater, followed by the vent installation. Call us today if you need any help with your Tankless Water Heater in Phoenix AZ.