How to install a Tankless Water Heater in Paradise Valley, AZ

How to install a Tankless Water Heater in Paradise Valley, AZ


The average home spends up to thirty percent of their monthly energy budget allocation on heating water. Some tankless water heater manufacturers claim that their products can reduce this cost by up to half as compared to regular storage heaters. With this lucrative profit margin, it is no wonder more and more people are making the switch. If you have already joined the bandwagon, here is how to install your Tankless Water Heater in Paradise Valley, AZ. If you have an existing gas line, attach a T& valve and install a corrugated stainless-steel supply pipe for the heater. Install waterlines for the new Water heater. Use bell hanger brackets to secure the pipes and enable proper pipe insulation without making contact with your wall. Clean the copper pipe connections before soldering, and then coat using flux.


Place the Tankless Water Heater in Paradise Valley, AZ in a protected vertical platform so that its vent frees up the floor supports when passing through the external wall. Use screws to secure the platform properly. Place the heater over the vertical platform, and use a single screw to secure it temporarily. Now, hold it in place by driving screws across the holes connecting the mounting bracket with your platform. Connect the sediment trap and the shut-off valve, and then fasten the corrugated stainless-steel supply pipe. Use adjustable wrenches to tie the nuts properly at the joints.


Connect the water heater and the water shut-off valves, and then hold the pipe runs in place using bell hangers. Connect the metal-piping at the joints using a soldering gun. Switch the gas on, and eliminate any air in the line. Confirm that installation does not have any gas leaks by applying a gas sniffer technique at all the joints. Plug in the water heater unit in order to supply power to its onboard microprocessor and internal thermostat. Turn the Gas on, and start the heater. Unlike conventional hot water tanks, tankless water heaters do not come in specific gallon capacity sizes. If you have any questions call our Tankless Water Heater in Paradise Valley, AZ company today.