Having Water Leak Detection in Chandler


Water leaks are usually a surprise to homeowners. They happen when homeowners least expect a problem. Homeowners will know there is a water leak when walls, baseboards or ceilings become discolored. A wet wall doesn’t necessarily mean mold, but fuzzy growths do. Calling a plumber well versed in Water Leak Detection in Chandler as well as being certified in mold remediation should be a homeowner’s first call. Mold takes 24 to 48 hours to grow. It presents as fuzzy round nodules. Most people think of mold as only black or green, but mold presents in all the colors of which mankind is aware. It has to have a food source. Wood and wallpaper are two of mold’s favorite meals. It will grow behind something where there is no light or air circulation.


A plumber will locate the source of the water leak first, and fix it. If the water leak has gone unnoticed, then the plumber will probably smell a musty odor. He will search for a damp dark place such as crawl spaces, areas behind or beneath bathrooms and kitchens and closets. These areas don’t dry quickly, meaning they’re perfect for mold growth.


Mold causes health problems. If a family member suffers from asthma or COPD, then their chests will shut down. They won’t be able to breathe, necessitating a visit to the ER. For others, itchy skin and irritated eyes and noses are some symptoms of mold growth. Breathing in mold spores is exceedingly dangerous and may even result in death. Homeowners and their families should seek medical care immediately if they suspect the presence of mold in their homes. Call us today for Water Leak Detection in Chandler.