Garbage Disposal Service in Mesa, AZ




The purpose of a garbage disposal is to guarantee that all plumbing fixtures including sinks do not get blocked. Most people think that garbage disposals do have blades, but in real sense is that they have two motionless bolts that are attached to a spinning disk. Upon being turned on, disks rotate and food remains are ground against an immobile grinder situated at the spinning disk. After food is ground, it can now pass through the drain without it being the cause of drain clogging.


But when a garbage disposal breaks down, drain lines and sinks start to block. Once this happens, contact a Garbage Disposal Service in Mesa, AZ to examine if the disposal should be repaired or it should be totally replaced. The top part of the garbage disposal is known as a sink flange. This part can leak because of many reasons. When the bolts that are used in mounting become loose or are not tightened enough. Failure of plumber's putty. If this happens, you need to untighten the retaining bolts, creating a gap. Apply new putty in between the pipe and flange then tighten the bolts to firmly secure the putty. Faultiness in garbage disposals arise due to various problems. For instance, it can get clogged because of a foreign object that it itself is not capable to hold and grind. Since it is an electrical appliance, fixing it yourself will be dangerous.


Sometimes, you find that the motor rotates freely, but it is not functioning. In this case, inspect the circuit breaker for possible trips, and press the reset button. Other foods also make it to get blocked. Egg shells, carrots, apple seeds are not allowed to be put inside a garbage disposal. After using a garbage disposal for a long time, it begins to get older and its interior shells begin to crack. The cracking will cause leaks to start appearing from the seams. Once there is an interior cracking of shells, it is advisable to replace the garbage disposal. Call our Garbage Disposal Service in Mesa, AZ for help.