Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creel, AZ in our hands

Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creel, AZ in our hands


There are many projects around the house well-suited for the avid do-it-yourself handyman; garbage disposal repair is not one of them. When you try for Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creel, AZ yourself, you have the potential to cause serious damage to two systems - your electrical box and your plumbing connections. If the basic repair tips below don't bring it back to life, you should call a professional plumber to deal with the problem.


Next time you flip the garbage disposal switch and you hear humming, ticking or complete silence, try these basic steps to get it back on track, but NEVER put your hand down the drain and into the disposal. No Sound - If you hear no sound at all, start with the obvious, and make sure your garbage disposal is plugged in. Press the RESET button on the bottom of the unit. If you still hear nothing, make sure the circuit breaker in the electrical box did not trip and shut off. You will need either a new switch or a complete Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creel, AZ. Call the pros.


Humming Noise - If you hear a humming noise but the unit won't work, you probably have a stuck flywheel which is making your reset button go crazy (tick-tick-tick). Obviously, something is stuck in the flywheel or the impeller, and you'll burn out the disposal if you don't get it cleared immediately. Slow Drain - If your sink is draining too slowly, it's likely due to food waste that was not disposed of properly. Finding the clog is a time-consuming process that involves bolts, brackets, drain traps, pipes and walls. Let an expert technician examine your garbage disposal to see if it's worth Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creel, AZ, or better off replaced.