Garbage Disposal Repair in Apache Junction, AZ

Garbage Disposal Repair in Apache Junction, AZ


It is important to have a properly working garbage disposer. When called by a customer for a garbage disposal repair, here are a few steps to follow: Check the fuses or circuit breakers at the electrical panel to ensure that there is flow of electricity to the disposer. If this does not restore power to a disposer, flip the switch on the disposer's wall. If the motor hums, turn the switch off immediately and unplug the garbage disposer. When there is no electricity power to the garbage disposer, reach for the thermal overload switch at the disposer's base and press it. Flip the switch on the wall again. If the motor starts to hum, turn the switch off and unplug the garbage disposer for Garbage Disposal Repair in Apache Junction, AZ.


Check the disposer and ensure that it is not plugged. At the base of the garbage disposer, look for a hole that is hex-shaped. Insert the hex-head wrench (that comes with a new dispenser) into the hole. You can use the wrench to turn the motor shaft manually. First turn it in a counterclockwise manner, then clockwise until you dislodge the obstruction and the shaft spins freely. In case you cannot rotate the motor, go to the next step. Remove the wrench then plug the disposer in. From the top, put water in the sink then turn on the garbage disposer. In case it runs smoothly, the work is done.


At this point, if the motor is still stuck, use a special disposer wrench to turn it. From the top, push down the wrench towards the disposer until it locks onto the cutter wheel. You can then turn the wrench in a counterclockwise manner, then in a clockwise direction until the motor starts to spin freely. Finally, remove your wrench, plug the disposer in and check how its operating. If none of the above methods work, it is important to consider hiring our Garbage Disposal Repair in Apache Junction, AZ.