Factors that affect Water Heater Replacement Costs in San Tan Valley, AZ

Hot water is a necessity in most homes to wash dishes, clothes and for showering. However, water heaters have a lifespan and if it fails to heat water effectively, have rusty water or the water smells like rotten eggs, you need to replace your water heater. There several factors which can affect the cost of water heater replacement in San Tan Valley, AZ:


Type of water heater

Generally, there is tank and tankless water heater types and you can go ahead and choose solar, gas or electric powered. All these options will have different cost ranges due to features and effectiveness. A tankless water heater is more expensive than a tank water heater because it occupies less space and saves energy. If you’ve to change your source of energy, you will have to incur a higher replacement cost affecting the total cost.


Location of the water heater

Location can determine labor required and accessibility. Water heaters that are easily accessible have lower replacement costs unlike those that are in inaccessible places. In addition, where the water heater is can determine the number of people needed, time required and equipment. This could be a factor to alter the total replacement cost.


Permit costs

Sometimes you need to get permits from relevant authorities making replacement cost vary from one place to another. The total cost of the permit may rely on whether you need an onsite inspection or whether there are any changes or upgrades needed in electrical, water or gas lines in your home. If you need an inspection and upgrade of the plumbing lines, you will end up spending more money.


You may also include other costs that may affect the total water heater replacement in San Tan Valley, AZ cost even though they are not included in your budget. For instance, insulating the water heater or plumbing lines may not be included in your budget but you may need the services. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to the budget because there may be additional costs e.g. transport, disposing the old water heater etc.