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An experienced plumber will tell you for a fact that the cases of bathroom waterproofing problems are always on the increase. The plumber will also tell you how the problem calls for costly repairs. But that is not strange. What is strange is the fact that bathroom and shower repair mistakes happen even in new buildings. One therefore ends up in a situation where fixtures, floor tiles and wall decors have to come out to give room for waterproofing repairs. But where do these mistakes come from? The answers are just as strange as some of the problems caused by poor workmanship in the bathroom. They range from sheer recklessness by contractors to negligence by homeowners. Read on to find out more about them.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix your shower or remodel your bathroom. After all, waterproofing is as simple as getting the right floor tiles, the right paint and so on, right? Wrong! Nothing can be further from the truth than such an assumption. You may want to roll up your sleeves and fix the problem on your own. But what about structural factors that have to be taken into account. It gets worse if your bathroom is on the basement. You will need an expert to ensure moisture does not accumulate within and around the bathroom. That can easily encourage mold infestation and poor air quality. Keep in mind too that some plumbing equipment for your bathroom such as fixing hot shower heads should best be left to expert Plumbers in Chandler, AZ.


You may want to settle on the first cheap contractor you come across online in the name of saving time. Don’t do it. Stick to qualified and experienced expert Plumbers in Chandler, AZ. You may have to pay more, but in the end you can always be sure you will have a flawless and functional shower. Remember to request for warranties and insist on having your agreements in writing.