Emergency Plumbing in Queen Creek AZ



The smallest of leaks from your pipe can easily result in great water damage if left unattended. But what happens when you can’t get emergency plumbing services immediately? Because you cannot let the pipe continue to leak, here are a few easy ways to temporarily fix a leaking pipe. Plumbers epoxy refers to a putty-like compound that closely resembles the clay used for molding. Plumber’s epoxy can be very instrumental as a temporary fix for leaking pipes.


Once you notice the leaking pipe, turn off your tap in order to stop the running water. You should then apply a small amount of epoxy in your hand and knead it around the leaking area. By doing this the epoxy will loosen and stick covering the crack or hole responsible for the leak. You should then allow a few minutes for the epoxy to harden before allowing the water to run once more. This will help to stop the leak temporarily until you can get professional Plumbing in Queen Creek AZ.


A pipe clamp is sturdy enough to hold the leaking pipe in position for several hours, within which you should have looked for a plumber. If you own a pipe clamp, or you can get one, you should dry the wetness around the leak area first. Once dry, you should take a piece of thin rubber (similar to that used in bicycle inner-tubes) and use it to wrap the leaking area. In order ensure that the rubber is held in place, you should wrap it using electrical tape. Once you have done all the above, you should fasten your pipe clamp around the wrapped rubber. Next time you notice a leaking pipe in the middle of the night, remember the temporary fixes discussed above and be sure to call in your professional Plumbing in Queen Creek AZ.