Drain and sewer Cleaning in San Tan Valley, AZ.

Finding the cause of your drainage problem and having it fixed when they are smaller can save you couple of dollars and give you the peace of mind. Poor drainage can cause a lot of damage not only to your home, but also your landscape. Drain and sewer Cleaning in San Tan Valley, AZ. could help you avoid some of these drainage problems.

Here are some signs of possible drainage problems.


Cracked foundation


Although all foundations are prone to miniscule cracks over time, some cracks may be caused by poor drainage.


Flaking on the walls


Areas with white or grey crust on your basement walls could indicate a drainage problem. Evaporating water leave behind some mineral deposits causing flaking.




It’s very normal for rain to paddle up in your yard. Nevertheless, having puddles sit for too long is not a good sign. Huge water puddles indicate that your yards are not properly sloped.


Overflowing gutters


With all the foliage around homes and beautiful trees, it doesn’t take long for debris and leaves to fill up your gutters. When water flows off your roof, it collects on the sides of the gutters. This water now collects along your foundation and may cause the entire house to shift.


Mildew in the attic


Mildew on the underside of the roof can cause serious trouble to your ground level. Homes with a crawl space tend to attract moisture that eventually builds up. The moisture rises to the top of your home and condenses on the underside of the roof causing mildew. Having a plumber check your attic ensures that you have no pending foundation problems.




If you have uncontrolled down sprouts which collect rain from your gutters and don’t channel this water away, you may incur serious problems with your basement and foundation.


If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Drain and sewer Cleaning in San Tan Valley, AZ. will not only reduce the stress of having to fork out thousands of dollars, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that everything is working properly.