Clogged drains in San Tan Valley, AZ For a tight budget

Clogged drains in San Tan Valley, AZ For a tight budget

When you have a shower clogged, try an extended coat hanger. Most Clogged drains in San Tan Valley, AZ of this nature are due to hair. Get the coat hanger and stretch it out to be a piece of straight wire, the put a small hook or curve on one end. Push this hook down till it stops, then swirl the hanger constantly in one direction. Bring the hook up, slowly pulling it back, to see what you have snagged. If the clog is still holding water back, remove the grate in the shower by carefully removing the screws. These are fragile and strip easily and be careful to place these screws in a place easy to find. After the grate is removed, try your wire with a hook trick several more times until the water flows naturally. Do not use the plunger on this type of clog as it might push the clog further and further down the pipe. Call the plumber for help and don't go any further if this tip didn't work.


 The next thing to try  in the Clogged drains in San Tan Valley, AZ is baking soda and vinegar. Mix 1/3 cup of vinegar and 1/3 cup of baking soda then when it starts to fizz dump it down the drain. The fizzing removes dirt, hair, and other materials that are clogging the drain. Let this set overnight if possible but at least an hour. Next flush the drain with water as hot as you can get it. Call the plumber if these things didn't help If still not clear, pour dry baking soda down the drain and then pour vinegar. As always, wait for it to work, then flush with hot water. The professional plumber is the next step.


 Boiling water is good to Clogged drains in San Tan Valley, AZ. Some people have used the wet and dry vacuum cleaner set on vacuum liquids. Then they cover the vent to prevent a mess. The high vacuum pressure may draw the clog up. Call your professional plumber to take the pipe apart and unclog the drain.  Professional Plumbing and Home Repair can take all the risk and danger from these repairs. They will bill you and let you pay next month.