Clogged Drains in Queen Creek, AZ are Messy

Clogged Drains in Queen Creek, AZ are Messy


Most buildings have had Clogged Drains in Queen Creek, AZ, and it is safe to assume many have drains that no longer drain well, but are not completely clogged. This might seem like a trivial issue compared with daily problems at work and in the home that property owners might delay drain cleaning for weeks, even months. Besides trapping dirt and smells, however, clogged drains can actually result in a bigger and more long-lasting problem: drain fly infestations.


Drain flies can appear in any home or other building, in the sinks, bathtubs, and other drains. They lay their eggs in organic waste and dirty water, both of which are provided by the filth that naturally gathers in pipes and drains. Once the larvae mature, adult flies emerge from the drains, becoming bacteria-ridden pests that spread throughout the building. NC State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences notes that drain flies may transmit disease, as they live in unsanitary environments. They may also fly into food and water or trigger asthma attacks. Clogged Drains in Queen Creek, AZ can cause many obstacles.


According to Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, property owners should avoid using pesticides or cleaners on their own -- not only are the eggs and larvae likely to survive, being resistant to boiling water, bleach, and other liquids, but the chemicals can seriously damage the pipes and sewer systems as well. Pesticides targeting adult flies also would not get rid of the infestation. Experts and scholars agree the only effective way to eliminate drain flies is through a thorough, professional drain cleaning. Those who have started to notice small, gray flies around their windows or drains -- or hope to prevent a drain fly infestation before it even occurs -- should look for a professional cleaning company to deal with their Clogged Drains in Queen Creek, AZ right away.