Choosing the right Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ

Choosing the right Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ


A hot water system (HWS), can account for a significant portion of your home’s energy consumption. When choosing a Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ you need to take into account: the climate zone you live in, the amount of people in your home, regulations restricting electrical HWS, and whether natural gas is available in your area. Take a moment to see how to choose the right hot water system for your home and save on energy bills. There are three main types: Electric storage systems use electric elements to heat water in a storage tank. They come in a variety of sizes: Smaller heaters are appropriate for apartments. Larger heaters can be installed outdoors or indoors. If used with off-peak tariffs they can save on energy bills. Since 2012, new and existing detached, terrace, or town houses are prohibited from having electric HWS.


A gas storage Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ heats and stores the hot water in a tank so it is ready for use. It allows multiple users of hot water at the same time. A continuous flow hot water system heats water continuously on demand. It is compact and suitable for smaller homes. It accommodates single users of hot water at different times. Some areas do not have natural gas, so this option is not always possible. Solar hot water systems use steel collector panels to heat water. They can be roof-mounted or ground-mounted. A roof-mounted solar system uses steel collector panels and a steel storage tank installed on your roof. A solar system can heat the water directly, or it can heat an antifreeze fluid which in turn is used to heat the water.


The first of these two is called a direct roof-mounted system. It cannot be used in areas prone to frost. The second is called an indirect roof-mounted system. In frost prone areas like Tasmania and Victoria an indirect hot water system must be used to avoid having the water freeze in the steel collectors. A ground-mounted solar Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ uses collector panels which are installed on the roof while the tank is mounted on the ground. This reduces the load and the visual impact on your roof. They come with frost protection for cooler climates.