Chandler, AZ Water Leak Detection




No one wants to discover a plumbing leak dripping through the ceiling. Since no plumbing system is perfect and no fixtures remain in perfect condition forever, a leak is possible. The major drawback with leaks coming through the ceiling is detecting them becomes a bit of a hassle. Water dripping from pipes under the sink or exposed pipes in the basement can be annoying to discover. At least there is no ambiguity present with their discovery! With leaks inside walls and ceilings or underneath homes, finding out where the leak is require some work. Calling on a plumber capable of employing remote Chandler, AZ Water Leak Detection would be the best plan.


Without remote leak detection technology, the only way to find a leak in the wall is to search for it the hard way. Yes, that means tearing out big chunks of drywall. A lot of drywall may end up being torn out. (The same can be said of ground on a property if the leak is under the lawn) In the olden times, this was the only way to find a leak. The resultant damage was unavoidable since the water was sure to due even more damage over time if the leak was not fixed. The other annoying issue to deal with here is the drywall or other damaged items would have to be fixed adding more costs on top of what the plumbing repair fee is. Mercifully, an easier way now exists.


Remote Chandler, AZ Water Leak Detection entails cutting a small hole in the drywall and running a elongated wire with a camera lens on the end through the hole. This process allows a plumber to figure out where the leak is without having to cut out huge chunks of a wall or ceiling to arrive at the same conclusion.