About Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creek, AZ

About Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creek, AZ


Garbage disposals, like any other commonly used kitchen appliance, requires occasional Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creek, AZ to ensure proper functioning. Garbage disposals may vary depending on type and brand. Despite what type of repair you are attempting, make sure you have turned off the power to the disposal. Turning off the power is one of the safety precautions to avoid injuries. You do not have to necessarily call a professional to carry out the repair. You can follow the instructions below which will guide you on how to repair your garbage disposal. Here are few steps to follow when repairing it.


If possible you can have the manual and check the instructions given on Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creek, AZ. They can give you a diagram of the disposal before starting the repairing process. The manual will give you an idea on the tools you will be required to have. You have to first check if the electricity is flowing to the disposal using a circuit breaker. If it will fail to restore power, you can switch the disposers’ wall switch. If the disposer starts humming, turn off the switch and unplug the disposer. If there is no power, you will reach inside the sink and press the thermal button located at the bottom of the garbage disposer. Switch it again on the wall switch and if it hums, turn it off and unplug the disposer.


It is a tool that is in the disposer when you were purchasing it. Use the hex wrench to turn the motor shaft until it is dislodged and the shaft can spin freely. Using the light attempt to see inside the disposer and find out what is the cause of the trouble. Look inside into the impellers and loosen any caught food by forcing it down the hoses. If you believe that all the trouble has been settled put on the power. Then you can turn on the water and see whether it is running. If you need any help, call our Garbage Disposal Repair in Queen Creek, AZ today.